Priority Enrollment

A Note from Seth:

"If you qualify, I look forward to teaching you everything you need to know to write, shoot, produce, direct, distribute, and promote your first feature film. I'm also thrilled to help you make it fun, lively, and engaging for your audience, how to build a base of fans throughout the world, and how to leverage your projects to realistically receive funding from investors on your future projects, as you build your directing career from the ground up."

Read the Program Overview Before Applying

    1.) YES, I understand that I will receive 12 Weeks of online training and when I will learn exactly how to Write, Direct, and Produce my First Feature Film and build a fan base/audience of people who will pay money to see my movies.

    2.) YES, I understand I will learn how to: create Hollywood level cinematic visual images with affordable equipment; Tell stories that people actually care about that include likeable characters, tension, and great dialog; How to Incorporate Camera Movement so People Believe They Are Watching a Hollywood Level Movie; How Writer, Produce, and Direct a Feature Film for Less Than Most Short or Student Films; How to Create a Movie Poster and Trailer to Market My Movie to a Paying Audience; How to Make Friends and Build a Supportive Team of Awesome People to Help Me Make My Movie; How to Be a Rock Star in My Hometown and Promote My Movie to a Local Fan Base; How to Build a Fan Base on the Internet and Actually Make Money From Your Movie; How to Raise Money From Private Investors for Future Productions; How to Leverage Your Movie to Get Directing Work in the Industry and Gain Representation in LA; All In All How to Launch Your Directing Career

    3.) YES, I understand that unlike traditional film schools, Film School Solution has more than 50+ Exercises for me to practice the skills taught in the aforementioned topics. I also understand that the value I get from the course will depend on the effort I put into these exercises.

    4.) YES, I understand that I will receive LIVE coaching every week via internet conferencing; I will also receive feedback on all the exercises I shoot and the scripts I write, and I will continue to receive support after completing the course.

    5.) YES, I have total confidence in you because I know that any time during the first 60 days, I can take advantage of the Risk Free Guarantee & cut my coaching short for a full refund.